what happened last night?

Last night (more like 2 this morning) I heard a rumbling in the hallway outside my door. The noise kept going back and forth – growing louder as I heard it approach my door and softer as it crept towards the other side of the hall. This noise frightened me, it sounded like three people rolling boulders. I was so tired I felt like I couldn’t lift myself out of bed. But, I had to get out of bed – because I felt an urgent need to check my door, see if it was locked. I was afraid that whatever was in the hallway might try to come into my home. I literally dragged myself out of bed – I moved slowly, because despite the urgency in my mind, my body felt drained. Moving each limb felt like I was lifting 50 pounds with every gesture. I kept hearing the thunder outside my door and I could only walk as though I were emerging from suspended animation. My eyes were steeped in lethargy as well, I could hardly open them – I bumped into walls as I made the 20 step journey to my door. I felt like something was wrong with my body and my mind was filled with fear. When I finally reached the door – the bolt was open. So I turned it – but it jammed, so I had to open the door. A neighbor walked by (from unit 706) and said “Hi – the weather is great outside.” I didn’t respond, my mouth frozen (I was also embarrassed by my nudity; I fell asleep nude and walked to the door this way – what if she saw me?). I let the door close and I locked it. The noise stopped and I walked back to bed. Despite my nudity, I felt warm and didn’t want to return to bed under the covers – so I pulled my bright pink blanket out and slept under that (and on top of the covers). I was so tired that I don’t remember the journey back to my bed. I only remember that the noise had stopped, that my panic had subsided, that I was worried of what my neighbor (in unit 706) thought of me, and that I fell back asleep under the pink blanket. I dreamed of living in a trailer (temporarily), of seeing a strange play in the middle of a forest (in a small town). When I woke up, I was not under a pink blanket. Nothing ever happened. It was all a dream within a dream… And, what happened in that trailer – I can only recall figments but some of those figments involved fear (and others wonder). It was a very, very strange night (technically morning) in unit 701 (where I live). When I walked down to leave for work, my lobby was filled with 20 fireman (maybe some were emergency personnel) – and there were two fire trucks in the lot. I am not sure what happened – I just wondered if it had anything to do with those rolling boulders.